Office Broadcasting and Hybrid Outreach

  • Show Stream excels at connecting you to your team via high quality, and real time video and audio.
  • Our Hybrid Office broadcast kits are ready to swiftly deploy into your space without interruption to your work day.
  • We offer day before or same day setup to broadcast your town hall to your team.
  • We connect the dots so you can have high quality, important interaction that ensures real engagement and limits disruption so that you can carry on your important work, while exercising effective communication.

Virtual Conferences

  • We provide you with access to our custom and reliable Virtual Event Platforms to host your event and register your attendees. We also accommodate your own platforms, so feel free to bring your own.
  • Livestream pre-recorded and live talks in real time to your guests so that your Q/A session flows as smoothly as it does in a real room.
  • Platform and Teleconference Management – We will pre-record or livestream your talks, advance your Powerpoint, and use our systems to bring your presenters to your audience in HD
  • We offer shippable sound, video and lighting packages so that your remote speakers look as good as they can right from their home or office.

AGM and Zoom Meeting Management

  • We are the AGM Experts.
  • We have helped dozens of Corporations and Not for Profits produce their Annual General Meetings.
  • We hack Zoom to produce the most engaging and accessible virtual meeting experience possible. 

Custom Staging and Hybrid Events

  • We offer a no limit, custom, hybrid event packages.
  • We can connect any group size, from 10 to 10 000 people.
  • Please contact for a custom proposal and pricing package.


  • Show Stream offers custom livestream, retail and commercial installations. Please get in touch for a consultation on your install.